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Bernard Hopkins angry, Nasim Richardson on steroid accusations

James Toney on Couture’s act and the bogus UFC Hall-of-Fame…

James, why is mma so popular?

James Toney on a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight {}

Throwback video: It looks like Mayweather IS interviewing Kenny, too.

Bruce Carrington Works Out by Jose OnFire Aguirre

Floyd Mayweather Jr. GOT OWNED BY Ra the Rugged Man PART 1 & 2

MMA Vs Boxing safety

Bob Arum: MMA is Garbage, its Fans are Skinheads and there's a Problem with its Fighters

Pacquiao vs Hatton 24/7 Overtime - Roach and Floyd Sr. [HQ]

Gatti-Ward Trilogy Highlight by Iceveins

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali (Battle of the Greats)

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    It is clear that this site provides an in-depth analysis of all things fighting. It was recommended to me from someone from the workplace. I just thought I should tell you to keep up the good work.


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