2015 New York Daily News Golden Gloves News Feed

February 10, 2015 from the Pacplex in Brooklyn

The following is a funny breakdown of the last few fights yesterday.  This is not journalism, but I got an email from a boxer who broke down the last of the 165 novices.  It’s classic.

“Bout 9:

Armenian got his ass handed to him. Great fight. The dude from Ardon was nice and beat his ass. Won each round. The armenian looked like a semi juice monkey. Went all 3 rounds and the win announced by decision

Bout 10:

Gleasons dude suckeddddd so bad. Dude from atlas won 2nd round knockout

Bout 11:

Starrett dude led the rounds. Good body shots and put gleasons douche in corners a few times throwing non stop punches. Put gleasons in the trash place it is and reminded everyone how wack that gym is and what a JOKE. 3 rounds, Starrett won by decision”

Thanks Anaid.

The 2015 Golden Gloves kicks off tomorrow, Wednesday, January 28th at BB King’s.  Stay tuned to our news feed……..


2013 New York Daily News Golden Gloves News Feed

Finals News provided by 2013 Golden Gloves Quarter-Finalist Boxer, Eric Morrissey Fight 1 (201 Novice):  The novice class heavyweights got the night started for the 2013 NY Daily News Golden Gloves Finals.  Both Devaughn Greenwood (Judah Bros BC) in the gold corner and Joel Paul (Gleason’s Gym) in the blue corner came out swinging at the sound of the bell.  It was apparent early on in the bout that this matchup would not be a display of technical boxing skill, but a slugfest.  At the end of the first round neither fighter appeared to have a distinct advantage.  Greenwood and Paul showed signs of fatigue in the second round and their punch outputs suffered.  By the third Greenwood was in control, utilizing head movement and more accurate punching, culminating in a decision victory and the first golden glove of the night. Fight 2 (106 Women): The second bout of the evening featured the 106 lb. women.  Neena Ajwani in the gold corner representing Mendez BC and Jeanette Gonzalez in the blue corner representing Kingsway BC appeared poised for action.  Ajwani came out of her corner dancing and throwing the jab while Gonzalez stalked and threw combinations when she was able to close distance.  In the second round Ajwani resorted to switching stances ineffectively and loading up with her right hand.  Although she got caught a few times with her hands low, Gonzalez scored consistently in the second with more effective boxing.  There was little engagement in the third round with both fighters pumping out short, non-committal jabs.  Ajwani and Gonzalez stepped up the action in the fourth and final round.  Ajwani, seeming to sense she was trailing on the scorecards threw each punch with bad intentions, but struggled to land.  Gonzalez countered Ajwani’s aggressiveness with dynamic combinations.  At the end Gonzalez wins the decision and the Golden Glove with more active hands. Fight 3 (123 Open):  With the first controversial decision of the evening, Jaime Estrada of Newburgh BC (gold corner) edged Wilfredo Morales of Mendez BC (blue corner).  Morales controlled distance and pace in the first two rounds by pumping his jab, moving his feet and landing tight hooks and uppercuts.  Estrada’s continued pressure fighting eventually paid off in the third round as he landed several clean right hands that kept Morales backing up and hesitant to engage.  The judges appeared to favor the pocket-fighting style of Estrada over Morales the runner, yielding Estrada the decision. Fight 4 (152 Women):  In the second women’s bout of the evening, Nisa Rodriguez of Mendez BC (gold corner) utilized patience and experience to capture another Golden Glove over unattached Jennifer Ignotz.  Ignotz started strong, moving in and out with a 1-2 as Rodriguez stalked her opponent.  The tide shifted in round 3 as Rodriguez took control of the ring and Ignotz appeared to tire and over-extended herself.  The 4th round was all Rodriguez as she found her range and scored two standing eight counts, sealing her victory. Fight 5 (152 Open):  These boys came to fight.  Jose DelaRosa of Atlas Cops N Kids (blue corner) exploded out of his corner throwing body shots with bad intentions.  It was clear early on that DelaRosa was a brawler and his opponent Peter Dobson also of Atlas Cops N Kids (gold corner) the better boxer.  Despite this Dobson was willing to play to his counterparts strength, stand in the pocket and trade with DelaRosa through all three rounds.  A bloodied but not beaten DelaRosa gets his hand raised in a tough decision. Fight 6 (165 Women):  Alicia Napoleon of Mendez BC (gold corner) steamrolled Krystal Correa of Yonkers YMCA (blue corner) earning the victory with a Referee Stopped Contest in the 2nd round.  Napoleon landed jabs and power punches at will as Correa plodded her way around the ring.

“Blood” E. Morrissey’s 2013 Sojourn by A. O’Toole with Al Alvir

This year at the New York Daily News Golden Gloves, shootafairone.com covers the 165 lb. novice class solely, in the corner of Eric Morrissey out of Eastern Queens Boxing Club. Opening night of the class took place at Judah Brothers BC.  Eric Morrissey faced unattached Joe Adames out of the event’s neighborhood of East New York, Brooklyn.  Eric had improved since the year before and was ready.  Adames was a tough but unschooled lefty who Eric felt like he could walk through, but instead took a 5-0 Decision.  Eric showed the class that he had an almost “open class” style and surely a seasoned boxing education. The second round of the Daily News Golden Gloves was held at Morris Park BC.  Morrissey faced off against opening night’s closer and one of the field’s favorites, Brandon Parris of Kingsway BC and a defector of Judah Brothers BC.  Eric outpunched and won with his hands up, blocking punches from the slick but sloppy lefty.  Parris’s coach was loud and sore from the 3-2 loss.  One spectator said, “Maybe Parris should jump ship from [Parris’s trainer] now.” Eric Morrissey’s Golden Gloves Quarter-Finals berth showcased a bout against the field’s most decorated novice, Henry Beckford.  Beckford was a Junior Olympian and another slick lefty facing Morrissey.  The bout was one-sided as Beckford kept his 6″1′ range as the referee stopped the contest from some phantom punch in the middle of the 3rd round.  Eric Morrissey, 30, unhurt, said he’s going to get back in the gym, work on more pressure fighting, and look forward to 2014 — even if it’s in the second best Golden Gloves tournament, The Chicago gloves.  He made the final 8 of a field of 61. (Below is coverage from the 2012 New York Daily News Golden Gloves)

January 26, 2012

by DJ Morrissey The 152 pound novice class of the Daily News Golden Gloves provided plenty of action  at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant in Franklin Square, Long Island on this rainy and dreary Thursday night.  The night featured several high quality, technically sound bouts for the boxing aficionado as well as some defenseless brawling for the more casual fan.  Now on to some analysis of the fights.  Danny  Cancelleri (Unattached) overwhelmed Jalil Talemaque in the second bout of the evening until the ref called an end to the action in the second round giving Cancelleri a TKO win.  The smooth Cancelleri used his jab early on in the first round to feel-out his opponent and find openings which he exploited later.  The victor’s skills became evident as the fight progressed as Cancelleri worked different angles to present a problem that Telamaque could not answer. David Tirado (Suffolk PAL) and Kwesi Baird (K2 BC) brought plenty of crowd pleasing action to the ring in the 4th bout of the evening.  The fighters traded shots from the opening bell to the end of the 3rd round which kept the crowd buzzing.  Tirado, a lefty presented a problem early on for Baird as he controlled the action and the pace of the bout.  With Tirado dictating the action Baird needed a difference maker and he found one in the second round with a big right hand that rocked Tirado and allowed Baird a offensive flurry of his own; in the end though Baird had no defense for Tirado’s straight left hand and he walked away victorious in an action, packed, crowd pleasing tilt. Lefty, John Acosido (Unattached) dominated Rashaud Bobian (New Legends) with an impressive display of perhaps the best boxing skills displayed on the evening.  Controlling the action from the opening bell the smooth Ascoido, whom the crowd affectionately started calling Pac-Man due to his strikingly similar mannerisms in the ring, used his jab to control the distance and pace early on in the fight and work his way inside for combinations. The robotic Bobain valiantly attempted some offense of his own but Acosido’s superior footwork and head movement proved too much for his opponent. In the Shootafairone.com Fight of The Night, Garinchard Sainevil  (Freeport PAL) and Benjamin Baez (Unattached) put on a display of skills and brawling that had everybody in the crowd on the edge of their seats.  Sainevil dictated the action early as he used a stiff jab to control the distance and keep the rabid Baez at bay. Angling away from Baez’s right hand, Sainevil loopy left hook became crisper as the round wore on and began catching Baez’s despite his solid defensive skills. When the bell rang for the second round both fighters came out swinging early and traded several shots early on. Sainevil, who employed the stick and move tactic which took Baez off his game, mysteriously decided to play into Baez’s hands and fight inside as both fighters began to trade body shots.  Sainevil was playing right into his adversary’s hands, literally.  As the action continued on the inside, Baez began landing vicious uppercuts on Sainevil. This trend continued throughout the third round as Baez became and uppercut machine, landing them from both the left and right hands on his way to victory and leaving many to wonder why Sainevil decided to fight Baez on the inside, especially with the success he had early on using his job and footwork to stay away from Baez and his devastating inside fighting. Other Results Sirojiddin Bazarov (Unattached) over Keion James (Unattached Kalan Smith (Unattached) over Roberto Vegas (Veteran’s Memorial) Gregory Thomas (Unattached) over Igor Huic (Gleason’s Gym) Redinson Reyes (Unattached) over Khari Turner (Atlas Cops N Kids) Damien Bailey (Tiger Schulman) over Robert Maloney (Unattached) Fight of The Night Benjamin Baez (Unattached) over Garinchard Sainevil Fighter of The Night John Acosido (Unattached)  

Opening Night

The 85th annual NY Daily News Golden Gloves opened up Thursday night at the world famous B.B. King Blues Club and Grill to a packed house filled with boxing faithful, celebrities and boxing royalty alike.  The seven fight card featured the 141 pound Woman’s division and the 201+ pound Open Men’s Division.  Elija Thomas of Willis Ave BC outboxed Malla Fountin of Main Street BC with his superior footwork in the first superheavyweight slugfest of the night.  Klitschko look alike, Wielaw Zagaja, outpointed Michael Cserenyi of Veterans Memorial in a highly competitive fight of the night candidate. The decision was controversial as many in the crowd disputed the judges’ score cards and felt Cserenyi deserved to have his hand raised as the victor.  Eugene Russell of Kingsway BC looked impressive against Dwayne July of Main Street BC as he used his stiff left jab and an abundance of body work to control July and keep him on the ropes until the ref called a halt to the action at 2:56 of the second round.  In the best woman’s 141 pound fight and another fight of the night candidate, Tiffany Chen took on Michelle Herzi of Main Street BC in a highly entertaining bout.  Chen and Herzi traded blows for three rounds, throwing everything but a proper punch or anything resembling defense and fundamentals, as Chen bested Herzi on the judges’ cards by landing more of her wild shots than those of her game opponent.

Other Results

Alexandria Williams- Freeport PAL over Lyiesha Warner- TKO RD 1

Christella Cepeda- Yonkers YMCA over Claire Huntington- Mendez BC- TKO Rd 1

Amanda Wang- Mendez BC over Latesha Warner- KO RD 1

Fight Of The Night

Tiffany Chen vs Michelle Herzi

Fighter Of The Night

Eugene Russell- Kingsway BC


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